ProcessMaker | Business Process Manager


GUI Designer & Sync

Access your files where every you are with thier desktop and mobile clients. And not just files but sync your contact, tasks, calendar, read RSS feeds and chat.


Webmail, calendaring, and contacts used online or synced with Outlook or your phone. With a Collobra server you can make and edit documents, with Libre Office

User Portal & Inbox

Files and communication can be encrypted with server-side and point-to-point encryption. You manage the keys.


With the Talk app you can make encrypted, audio/video peer-to-peer calls with individuals or groups. Push notifications alert you of incoming calls on your mobile or desktop. Integrated with Nextcloud Files and Groupware

Desktop & Moblie apps

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux desktops. Andriod and iOS mobilex

BPMN 2.0 Compliant

Their app store has 100s of apps for customization, integration, multimedia, monitoring, document management, organization, security, and communication.

Our Processmaker HOWTOs:

Processmaker is a BPM and workflow manager than can run with relatively low resources. Workflows are created in it’s well designed, BPMN compliant designer. And is simple to install as any other LAMP web app. Java not needed. No coding is required for workflow or the many integrations already available.