Network & Device Monitor | Zabbix


Monitor Anything

Monitor networks, servers, cloud services, applications, and services.

Intelligent Alerting & Remediation

Configure to send messages to the appropriate person, attempt to fix automatically, and escalate if necessary.

Distributed Monitoring, High Availability, & unlimited scalability

Monitor data from an unlimited number of agents that are accessable by the internet or though proxy servers for devices behind firewalls.

Easy Deployment

 Installs fast, typical if any MySQL/PHP website. And monitor your devices with the many monitoring templates that are already available or create custom templates for your needs.

Strong Security

Encrypted communication between agents and server. Multiple methods of authentication with access control lists.

Mature Application

Started as an internal project in a bank in 1998

Our Zabbix HOWTOs:

Easy to use, setup, and manage. Out of the box, with the many available templates you'll be able to monitor your servers, services, or almost any device of your choice on an easy to read dashboard. You can configure which issues Zabbix is to attempt to fix itself and/or when to alert a user of your choice. And later, if neccessary escalate the issue to a another user. The Android and iOS apps keep everything at your hands.