Akeeba Backup | Backup for Websites


Compatible with PHP/MySQL Websites

Orginally built for Joomla as an extension, Akeeba Solo can be used with WordPress, Drupal or almost any other PHP/MySQL websites.

One Click Backup or Automatic Backups

Trigger the backups by the press for a button or the nackup configurations can be triggered by cron.

Advanced User Auth & Management

Multiple users with multiple levels of access control (ACL) with a multi-factor authentication option.

Off-Site Backups and aging

Send to AWS S3 and S3 compatible storage, Dropbox, Google Storage, Azure or by FTP, SFTP, and more. The backup configuration can be set to delete old backups from storage

Encrypted Backups

With the paid plan you have the option to encrypt the backups. Use a 128-bit AES key.

Customizable Backup Profile

Have multiple backup profiles for multiple websites or multiple configurations for a single website (ex. different storage locations and retention options.

Our Akeeba Backup HOWTOs: https://ediy.sh/akeebabackup

I use a number of Akeeba's products. They are all well written, documented, with fantastic service. Akeeba Backup not only fulfills its job as a full featured backup solution for websites, it's the workhouse of my development workflow, cloning sites and databases between development servers and production servers.

Using Akeeba Backup with their UNiTE restore script, backups can be pulled from remote storage and restored completely hands off. UNiTE's configuration XML is easy to understand with large number of parameters. Adjusting the sample XML is probably all you will need to do.