Easy to use wiki | Dokuwiki


Easy Installation

To install upload it to your server and unpack. That's it. The install wizard will guide you though configuration.


100s of plugins to extend DokuWiki's features installable though the extension manager in the admin interface.

No Database

There no database, all the pages are saved as text files. There is a option to use MySQL for user auth, but that's not necessary.


The layout can be customized with themes, either use a pre-made them or make your own. Installable though extension manager.


Pages can viewed or edited by anyone or only selected users. Great for intranet use.

Simple Syntax

The markup language is similar to media wiki. For instance to italicize a word put // on each side. Or use the editor which is extensible with plugins.

Our DokuWiki HOWTOs: https://ediy.sh/dokuwiki

My HOWTOs section of this website is built with DokuWIki as well as my inter-company wiki. I chose it because it's very easy to use by both administrators and users, can be setup as a private wiki or public, and works well for multi-lingual wikis. The documentation is great and the community is active.  All of the plugins I've seen are free.