Mail In a Box | Email Server


 Turn-Key Installation

Very easy installantion. Download a script to your server and launch it. Run it on your own hardware or a VPS. Very low resource requrements.

 DNS Server & Auto Config for New Domains

A DNS server is included and will config your new domains setting the A, MX, SPF, DKIM, DMARC reocrds.

 Automatic Backups

Backup configuration is easy to understand and has the capability of sending offsite to AWS S3.

 Control Panel and System Checks

The control panel  alerts you of any DNS musconfigurations with your domains and when you need to update. Updating consists of rerunning the install script, your data stays in place.

 Webmail & Nextcloud included

Roundcube email client is included so that you can access your mail from anywhere. A version of Nextcloud is installed for syncing your contacts and calendar across your devices. The Nextcloud can be unlocked so to have full access.

 Spam filtering and Greylisting

With no configuration from you, your server will block almost all spam.


There is a rumor that hosting your own email server is difficult. That's not true, there are a few good turn-key options like Mail-in-a-Box. I've used a few and built servers from scratch, this is my favorite. Easy and full featured. The community is great, too. With an active forums and IRC channel. Multiple users and multiple domains.