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Out of the box, beautiful SEF URLs, fully editable metadata, navigation designed to create clear sitemaps.

Security Minded

A dedicated Security Strike Team releases patches ASAP. Multiple authentication methods including 2FA, and extensions with even more features such as blacklists, file integrity scanners and more


70 language packs. Creation of multilingual sites is a fairly straight forward process with with a translation manager to help keep track of article translations and associations. Read text in the box on the left, enter translation on the right.


Fully extensible. They boast 10,000 extensions and templates. Some free some commercial. Or write your own.


Use the default access levels or create your own. Control who can see, edit, or modify files. Effecting specific users or user groups

Strong Community

Thousands of volunteers write and review the code, create extensions, and help people in the forums.

Our Joomla! HOWTOs:

Joomla is a fantastic choice for almost any website. And a great alternative to WordPress and perhaps more powerful. Make functional websites, websites that do things, not just for serving blogs. Accounting extensions, shop extensions, live chat, and gallery extensions. Almost anything for your business, be it a micro-business or a Fortune 500. In whichever industry.